domingo, 21 de junio de 2009


Retrocycling Robot from Challenge Your World on Vimeo.

The Retrocycling Robot is a new system for recycling garbage. Instead of reusing trash to create something new, the robot returns rubbish to its original state, thus curtailing pollution and unnecessary consumption. As a result, the Retrorecycling robot not only cleans your mess but also teaches you not to pollute or over-consume. Be advised: if you don’t understand this concept you too could be returned to your original state!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Sebastian Baptista is a freelance motion designer born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1983. He began working as an editor when he was 19, and after a year started using After Effects. Then he discovered motion graphics and began to study the work of the world’s best motion graphics studios. He decided to move to Europe and base himself in Barcelona where he’s been working for the past two years.

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Rosa dijo...

Este vídeo es cortesía de un/a alumno/a anónimo/a que envió el enlace.
A ver si nos ayuda a todos a pensar un poco más en el planeta antes de consumir de forma frenética.

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